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Looking to improve INDOOR air quality?

Consider the term “fresh air”. How does it make you feel?

We step outside to take a breath, to clear our heads and to enhance our wellbeing. But do you need to consider the quality of the INDOOR air in your building?

Improving Ventilation is a huge consideration for businesses and establishments right now, as we all look to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.

Opening windows is a good quick fix, but isn’t without its problems. In the winter the cold air works against the heating and in the summer the hot air works against the air conditioning. Both scenarios draw more energy and allow for external contaminants such as dust, pollen and noise pollution to enter the workspace. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is the solution, efficiently and simultaneously allowing for heating, cooling, extraction of stale and provision of fresh air.

The importance of fresh air is an ongoing concern and cannot be underestimated. As we all look forward to life beyond the pandemic businesses, schools, colleges and any common workplace or establishment have a duty to ensure a healthy environment for staff and visitors – and fresh air is a key piece of the puzzle! Good quality ventilation has a host of benefits, including:

  • aids concentration,
  • boosts motivation
  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces headaches
  • enhances general wellbeing
  • reduces the spread of germs and viruses

How can we help?

We design, supply and install state of the art ventilation systems and will work with you to establish the best design. We can install ventilation as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with any heating or cooling you already have in place.

We have a wealth of experience working across all sectors. Recent projects include installations for hospital, schools/colleges as well as for general office spaces.

There are different ventilation solutions for every setting. Office workspaces and schools may simply need to increase the number of air changes per hour. Medical settings may require extra ventilation or HEPA filtration. Or in some clinical settings, it may be necessary to ensure zero air recirculation, which we have achieved with a recent design.

Whatever setting, the first step is to pick up the phone. We will discuss budgets and weigh up the options with you so you can make an informed decision and plan ahead.

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