TM44 Energy Assessment

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TM44 Energy Assessment

Under TM44 the European Parliament declared on in 2003 that all air conditioning units, which use a combined total of 12kw and upwards of cooling, must undergo an energy assessment every five years. Our experienced team can visit your site to inspect all your air conditioning equipment to see it complies with the new energy regulations. It must be noted that if you are unable to show a valid TM44 certificate on demand, then you can run the risk of fines of up to £300 per day.

The TM44 sets guidance on how your air conditioning unit should be operating, ensuring it is running as energy efficiently as possible. This will look to keep maintenance and running costs down to a minimum. Additionally, this will improve your carbon footprint as these regulations have positive environmental aspects.

Mount Air has been undertaking these air conditioning energy assessments since 2004, keeping abreast of the new developments in the regulations. Our experience ensures that our client’s air conditioning systems are completely energy efficient, whilst ensuring each assessment is completely within the allotted time schedule.