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Portable Air Conditioning Solutions

Sometimes the confines of budget, circumstances such as tenancy agreements, time constraints or even the type of building you occupy means that installing a state of the art air conditioning system just isn’t possible.

But we are here to help!

Whether you would prefer to invest long term and purchase these outright or rent some for the hotter months we have portable air conditioning systems in stock and ready for use.

Air Conditioning Unit Hire

Prices start from as little as £20.00 plus VAT per week. The price will depend on the length of the hire period, the number of units required and your location. All costs include delivery, set up and collection at the end of the term.

Our Admin Team will be happy to calculate how many you will need, talk you through the considerations (such as venting the units) and provide you with a cost schedule. Call us for a chat on 0800 019 6025.

Portable AC Unit Purchase

We offer a range of portable air conditioning units available to purchase, offering a great solution for rented offices, retail spaces or domestic use.

For up to date prices and to discuss your requirements call our team on 0800 019 6025.